Aarthi and Chitra


Aarthi at the AlhambraI love food. I love to read about, discuss, cook and share food. Unlike a lot of people who love to cook, I didn’t grow up knowing how to. For me experimenting in the kitchen started with a necessity to cook for survival. My very first memories in the kitchen are of my mom and grandmom walking me through every detailed step on the phone from India as I stirred my pot of upuma in a little kitchen in Eugene. Yes, they did turn out to be expensive cooking lessons. But it didn’t that take long for me to fall in love with the art.

I strongly believe that food needs to be healthy, fresh and taste good. Cooking at home ensures the highest quality of ingredients, ability to eat local & seasonal fruits & vegetables and also caters to one’s own unique taste.

Inspired by my amateur photographer husband, I have recently developed an interest in food photography. He has been immensely supportive and helpful in both helping Chitra & me with our photos and patiently tasting all my experiments in the kitchen.

My passion for travel has led me to experience many different cuisines. But in the end there’s no place like home. Indian food is still very close to my heart. I consider myself fortunate to be able to share this passion with my good friend Chitra and now with you.



I have had a long journey to where I am today. I grew up in South India, spent my childhood in Chennai before moving to Kuwait. After seven years in Kuwait, I sought to venture into international terrains and ended up halfway around the world in Canada in the city of Calgary. My quest to reach new boundaries continued and I finally moved to picturesque Seattle in 2008. My keen desire to explore new things has given me a wide variety of professional experience ranging from academics to consulting services.

I enjoy the challenges arising from my busy work life while finding creative ways to beat stress. And nothing helps me more than a culinary escapade at the end of a hectic day! I love experimenting with vegetarian cooking and that tops my list of passions. It is my utopian convictions, rich imagination and tendency to daydream that has lead me to various gastronomic paradises.

The frosting on my cake is twofold, being married to a foodie who encourages and dotes on me and my cooking, and sharing this dream with my dear friend Aarthi, who sparks me to think big and reminds me that our mind is the limit!


7 thoughts on “Aarthi and Chitra

  1. Great Initiative especially for people like me who are new and exploring the world of healthy and good food. I want to try out different permutation and combination which leads to healthy and tasty food with less cooking time. Looking forward for creative recipes.

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