Tapasya in Sanskrit means meditation. That’s what the experience of cooking is like for us, a great stress reliever after a hard day’s work.

Tapasya was a brainchild during one of our long runs. One misty morning as we ran through the beautiful Stanley Park in Vancouver, we talked about our passion for cooking, sharing and enjoying food. We talked about how wonderful it would be if we could share our passion with the world. By the end of our run we decided to start a blog, came up with a name and had the logistics all planned out. We were excited and enthused beyond words.

While our inspiration comes mostly from South India, our focus is on small plates of vegetarian Indian food that deviate from mainstream Indian cooking –  “Tapas” style Indian cooking. Tapasya will reveal our culinary adventures, experiments and breakthroughs.

Soon we hope you’ll be familiar not just with the delicacies but also with some tongue-twisting South Indian nomenclature. We also hope that Tapasya will change the impression many people have about cooking Indian food, often misconstrued to be complicated, time consuming, involving rich and heavy dishes.

So as an outlet to share our increasing zeal for cooking, here we are starting our blog to provide you with simple, elegant and delicious food recipes that hopefully will not strain your clock too much.

We dedicate Tapasya to our moms for teaching us the one and only secret ingredient to any recipe – “LOVE”!

We encourage you to read, cook, share, comment and enjoy what we enjoy sharing with you!


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